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The iREAP™ Employee Engagement Profile Tool


Reap the Rewards of Peak Engagement


The individual Role Engagement Alignment Profile™ (iREAP™) is a unique employee engagement profiling system that has been developed specifically to increase self-awareness and facilitate meaningful conversations between leaders and their teams. The purpose of those conversations are to improve and sustain individual engagement, enrich careers and align aspirations to where the business is heading.


Equally importantly it provides an opportunity and structured framework for:


  • leaders to discuss what matters most to their people
  • leaders to authentically demonstrate that they care about their people's well-being, aspirations and career
  • employees to discuss what contribution they wish to make to help shape future directions


iREAP™ works as an online diagnostic profile designed to assist people to take responsibility for their engagement, maintain their motivation and help organisations reap the rewards of peak employee engagement.


It enables people to gain active career enrichment and helps them to have meaningful conversations and decide if they wish to: ‘Stay and Grow’, ‘Move’, or ‘Go’. Read more about iREAP…

iREAP™ is used by:


Are you fulfilling your career potential? What does it take for you to feel inspired, engaged and motivated
by your work? 



Fast track your clients’ productivity and career enrichment with the iREAP™ employee engagement profile. 



How engaged are your employees? Are your managers able to address engagement and retain valuable employees? 



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